▲ Ⱦ⌖ ⱭłɆ ∆Ⱡ⌖NɆ łИ Y⌖V℞ Ɑ℞Ɇ∆Mϟ▲

by 209 SINS



not waking up.........ever.

live.pa.drunandhaste. "2 die in your dreams"

oxygen48. br-8 recording station hd recorder/1 old ass bass & loop pedal. metalzone dst pedal 2 old ass laptops. FREE shitty ass dj software. It's dark and pissed off and the bass is too loud in some areas and it's not witchy. so fvck off.... this was made solely out of anger and on depression meds.


released October 25, 2015



all rights reserved


209 SINS Dayton, Ohio

endlessly.. mixing androgynous violently generated arrangements festering at times sparsely laden with Bass heavy Drum tracking, or or laying analog and wavs.2 combine a haunting soundscape I always try to make perverse decisions when dabbling in electronica
ALIASES PHILIP K DECKER (ambient soundart / soundscapes) JOHN MISSILE (distorted bass heavy beats)
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